5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Android Phone Was Capable Of

Most of us think like we know everything about our Android smartphone devices you everyday see exciting and the special things from which you try to learn something good and interesting.

Smartphones like Android devices are well known for the type of customise they are which is loved by all the users of the smartphone. The user can even experience the next level when they tried to discover or find something which is really interesting and this user have no knowledge of that even Android phone can do that thing some of them.

Like some of the people like us we used to play with our Technologies phones and we also use it for the many types of racing or other games and but if you still want to know the five all things you didn’t know about your Android phone was capable of are as follows –

Lock And Format The Data From Computer

As now a days our smartphone has became our best friends which help us to do and save money our important documents given other important details like bank account information credit card information passwords which we access like Paytm and many other Digital Services but by chance we have lost our phone in the public or anywhere we don’t have to worry about the our data which was saved in the smartphone but from login from your computer you will be get the chance which will help you to remotely lock the phone from that computer and it will help you to delete all the data from your phone which will help the user for protecting the informations of the selected data in the phone that have to follow sums of the steps like you have to login in the Google Android Device Manager it is simply to find you have to go to the settings of the smartphone then you have to type this security on the smartphone and then press the device administrator as you have completed this step it will help you to setting up the program of the remote control then you can easily login from the computer and you can even Ring On The Lost Phone on which the phone has been lost it or you can even reset the whole format all the data from your smartphones.

Your Phone can Even Become The Portable Hotspot

Once you became the Android smartphone user . You will get the many functions which will help you to be smart in front of your friends. Imagine you have gone out with your friends but you are the only one who is receiving mobile that works for the internet then you can feel smart and even can turn on the hotspot of your smartphone and you can share your internet and with your group of friends for that you have to go to the settings mobile networks hotspot ON you can even set in the password for the hotspot for Wifi you can even try to manage devices can be connected from your phone.

You Can Even Synchronize Your Phone Data

Your Android smartphone even lazy option to synchronise your mobile data which help you and to free up your mobile space and even you can access this same thing on another device with the help of internet connection. In your smartphone or even on PC.

For example you have clicked your pictures or you have send the places where you have visited and when you came back you just have to take backup for synchronise your data from internet and it will automatically take the backup you can even save your contacts on your Google account So that when you open it on another device if you don’t have to need to save them again as it is already saved on your Google account.