How to Block all in apps ads on Android

Ads are something which when pops out either on your 5 inches phone screen or your big laptop screen cannot be ignored. It is something which is troublesome and has to be removed as soon as it pops up. The ads are normally for the publicity of a product or some institution but sometimes when it interrupts in between the work it might become a problem. So here are a few ways in which these pop ups can be blocked in an Android by downloading a few apps available on Google Play Store free of cost.

Adblock Plus

  • This was the first app which came on Google Play Store to block the pop ups. But sadly, now this app has been removed from the store.
  • It can be still downloaded by the Android users from its apk file which is available on some sites.
  • It works for both rooted and non-rooted devices.
  • To block the ads, it must allow the device from unknown sources hence by going to settings>> applications>>  check the box of unknown source>>click on ok.   
  • It protects Chrome, Firefox from the ads and ensure its smooth running of the sites.

Lucky Patcher

  • To block the ads without rooting the phone, this is one amongst the best apps available.
  • To start using this app, download DNS66 apk file from the F-Droid open source repository.
  • Once the installation process gets completed, launch the app. It will have different options, first being Start tab. Change them if you like to but the defaults would also do fine.
  • Next comes the Host tab. Here are the list of known servers which you need to pick which DNS66 would block. To make the work simpler, enable Adaway hosts file so that all the ads are blocked automatically.
  • When the host servers are selected, head back to the Start tab. In this step, we need to enable the VPN service.
  • Press the Start button on the bottom of the screen and then press OK to enable DNS66 as your VPN service.
  • With all these settings you are ready to start browsing and surfing the internet without any ads coming in between or pop ups.
  • The main speciality of this app is that is blocks the ad at the DNS level unlike other ad blockers.


  • This app is also not available on Google Play Store but its apk file can be downloaded to block ads.
  • It is suited if you have already rooted your Android phone or tablet.
  • It is easily available on sites like XDA Developers.
  • Its functioning is very much similar to other ad blocking sites or apps, the only difference lies in the fact that it blocks the servers of the sites which distribute the ads.


  • The app is not available on the Google Play Store but its apk file can be downloaded to block ads.
  • It blocks all the ads showing up on browsing and also the ads showing up during playing games on our phones.
  • It has got an inbuilt VPN in it which makes it more popular than others.
  • The other features which it offers include malware protection, phishing and has a firewall too.

TrustGo Ad Detector-

  • As the name suggests, this ad blocker detects scans and blocks all those apps which try to seek our personal information through the ads.
  • It prevents the app from privacy violations of the information and is safe and secure to use.