How to send text message with alexa

Amazon echo – a device that follows your command just by hearing what you say from any corner of the room. The intelligent assistant these devices use is none other than our beloved – ALEXA. Whatever assistance it is that you need Alexa can sure help you. It was a thing of great amusement when I got my hands on it for the first time, but then I started to lose interest after some time. Because it seemed to do nothing much than tell me time, play some songs, tell the weather, the jokes;-D Oh! Who am I kidding? One can never get bored of her. However it can get a bit tricky sometimes to use the device to get personalized work done. Well this article should help you with most of them as the process is all the more similar. So let’s get started by downloading the alexa app on our phones, which you can easily find in the app store. Apart from this article the app can prove to be helpful with any queries regarding the app and a number of suggestion of how you can use your device in the best way possible.

Using the Alexa app

Amazon echo works equally well without the app and it is to be noted that the app does not have any qualitative effect on the working of the device. That said, the alexa app can be helpful for when you are unable to associate with the device verbally. The app is a mere 23 MB and is free to purchase.

Alexa Contacts

So, first things first , in order to place a call or send a message to your near and dear ones via alexa you have to let her know whom to send the message to and for that you have to sync contacts on the device. The contacts which you already have and who already use the calling and messaging feature of echo are already present in the alexa app contacts. You can call these people or send them messages with the

“Alexa to alexa calling feature” which is pretty simple to get used to. But the tricky part is to send messages to people who don’t have the device.

Syncing contacts

Now that you have the app installed and configured with your details, go to the conversations tab in the app. Tap on the person icon which you can find on the top right corner and select view my profile. Now the last thing and you are good to go. Just flip the toggle next to “send-SMS”. This proves as a permission for the device to send data via your phone.

Sending messages

As easy as that. Now Just say hello Alexa! Or whichever way you greet your echo. Ask her to “send a message”. You will be prompted to give the name of the person to send the message. If the person is in your contact list, just say the name or you can also narrate the number. Alexa recognizes number apart from names and hence it should not be problem to differentiate. Then narrate your message and there you go. Now you can send any message to almost anyone without having to reach out for your phone!  

Note: If you are having problems with reciting to Alexa try setting the language from English US to English UK.